Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saucy's Zombie Jar Swap

I just participated in my first ever swap! Which reminds me:

Tan of Enchantments and Giggles: If you are reading this and haven't received the package I sent you, stop reading now! I don't want you to see the goodies before they arrive!

Saucy of Bloggedy Blog Blog hosted the Zombie Jar Swap, a spin on the faerie jars that are flying around many creative blogs but with a Halloween twist. As you may have guessed I was partnered with Tan of Enchantments and Giggles. Here's what I sent her!

I caught this little pumpkin fellow and bottled up some of Halloween night complete with bats, stars and a man in the moon to keep him company.

I have to praise my wonderful hubby here. He was so supportive through this whole project with advice when I needed it and encouragement to get a move on as the deadline loomed close. Also he is solely responsible for the oh-so-cute placement of my pumpkin fellow's limbs! What I came up with before this = not oh-so-cute. I was at a loss, so I took this little guy to him and hubs made a little bend here and an arm placement there and voila! My hubs is the best ev-ah.

This tag explains it all:

What I sent:
-Jar full of pumpkin fellow
-Orange bucket with black cat on a fence scene
-Bat shaped Halloween mask
-Sparkly black cat ornament
-Bag of teeny rafia pumpkins (pumpkin fellow's relatives)
-Chocolate covered orange marshmallow pumpkins (Tan loves those)
-Handmade Boo banner

I'm so proud of this banner! I made it all by myself! (And I do believe it was somewhere around 4 am when I took these pictures...I was so excited about all this stuff I couldn't make myself stop and go to bed!)
Tan and I found we share an undying love for Etsy, the online marketplace for all things handmade. I actually got the sweet bats fluttering around in the jar from the shop Duct Tape and Denim. She's got some on sale right now, not to mention bunches of other cute things.

If you check out Tan's blog you'll see she mentions that she injured her neck and back several weeks ago and just found out from her doctor that she has 6-8 more weeks of treatments. Any of you reading who pray, please pray and ask God for a speedy and complete recovery for Tan!
Thank you, Saucy, for a great swap! I enjoyed stretching my creative muscles!


Ms. Tee said...

That little pumpkin guy is really cute - love it! :)

karen said...

wow I love you pumpkin man and am curious how did you make the boo banner? I had fun with the swap too. Isn't Saucy great!

Kimberly said...

Thanks so much to both of you!

Karen, here's how I made the banner:

-Got Martha Stewart glitter which comes with glitter glue...convenient, but use whatever you like
-Used the drawing toolbar in Microsoft Word and drew a circle to the size I wanted for the top layer of the banner
-Inserted a text box in the circle
-Found a font I liked in Microsoft word (something like Rockman or of the stock fonts that came with Word) and put a 'B' in the first circle
-Blew up the circle and the 'B' until the whole thing was the height I wanted
-Copied and twice pasted that circle complete with text box and letter on the same page and simply changed the 'B' to an 'O' in each text box
-Printed the page and cut around the outer edge of the circle and cut the letters out of the center of the circle to make a stencil. You'll have to leave a thin piece of the letter intact so that the center of each letter is still there...otherwise when you use the stencil to apply the glitter there won't be a blank space in the middle of the 'O' and other letters where you need blank spaces...they'd just be solid glitter blobs
-Used the circles to cut out circles of my chosen paper
-Held down the stencil and very slowly and gently used the glue brush to apply glue to the base paper
-Lifted the stencil and filled in any parts of the letter as needed
-Poured glitter over the glue and let dry
-Shook excess glitter off circles onto a piece of paper to pour back into glitter bottle
-Used my fingernail to knock off any glitter outside the boundaries of the letters to make the letters look as crisp as possible
-Took my weekly newspaper and cut a strip running from the top of the page to the bottom that was two newsprint columns wide (3-4 inches)
-Accordion folded that strip. The width of your folds determines the height of the finished rosette. Make the folds as even as possible. The rosette under the 'B' is all whompy b/c its the first one I did and I just folded it as quickly as I could...I was more careful on the other 2
-You will end up with a stack of accordion folded paper. Pinch it in the middle so the folds are closed, apply glue to 1/2 of the top flap and fold the whole stack in half like you are making a hand-held fan. You are gluing the top flap in half to itself
-Gingerly try to hold the stack together and do the same with the bottom flap
-I held the paper together in a rosette shape in my palm (like holding a CD with ones fingers on the outer edge) and put a blob of hot glue in the center to hold the whole thing together in a circular shape
-Hot glue the glitter letter paper to the rosette
-Cut whatever shape you'd like out of your chosen paper for the bottom layer and hot glue the bottom of the rosette to that paper
-Cut 2 slits near the top edge of each bottom layer of paper big enough for your chosen ribbon to pass through
-Voila! Fun banner!

karen said...

Thanks Kimberly!! I am going to try this. You should do a tutorial on your blog HINT HINT The detail in your instructions is perfect - you just need a few photos. The banner is really clever. Thanks so much for sharing

i'm a rock..i've got my poetry to protect me said...

Hi Kimberley,

Thanks for your greeting upon stumbling on my "ramrom" site. I love your creativity and to be connected to a Scottie in cyberspace!

shirley aka hotstuff class 1978

Jenny S said...

Hi! I am your swap partner for the mitten swap!! Judging by these pics....I AM SOOOOO LUCKY!!! Woo Hoo! Can't wait to get to know you!!

Enchantments and Giggles said...

Hi there - I am so blessed! I love my Zombie and all the goodies you sent me. You truly made my day. I can't believe you sent the chocolate covered orange marshmellow pumpkins - I was out of them, he he he! Thank you so, so much! Tan

Donnamo said...

Kimberly, What a delightful creative woman you turned out to be; I love, love,love your give me something to shoot for on mine. Pictures, gift suggestions (I think I'll put some erotic nightwear on mine just to gross my children out :)

Thank you for following my blog...I will follow yours forever :) Donnamo

Gillian said...

Hi Kimberly!
Sorry bout not being able to contact me through my website - I've never tested the contact form so I shall do so!

I'm very excited about the swap - I am unsure about whether we are supposed to do the swap anonymously too - but its fun to be in contact with you!

I love everything about Christmas so I'm easy to please - I love the traditional colours - green/red and gold/silver but really anything will be appreciated! Also I love animals so anything with little robins or deer is great! Love bells too but please don't feel limited to these things!
My email is

Gabby said...

Hey Kimberly,

I just can not believe you are old enough to have a blog and be married.
I know, that is crazy, but you know how when you BABYSIT someone, you think they will stay young forever. Not grow older with you.

I love all the cute stuff on you blog. Mom (Donnamo) led me here!

I have such fond memories of you and your family. We had good times!

Please tell you Mom I said hello, I always loved her cooking, too!

Gabby said...

Oh and My Mom's nightware comment, She needs a filter. Yuk!
I am sure you remember from the times she wore clown costumes to your house, she is a little on the zany side.
We love her, though!