Friday, September 19, 2008

A bit of Halloween fun

I love getting mail! Even if its something I ordered and knew was coming there is something SO exciting about taking that package inside and ripping it open.

I especially love ordering items that I find on Etsy. Recently I received something I ordered from Scrappy Jessi's Etsy store. First I have to show you how cute the outside of the package was: stickers, messages and a custom address label

Here's what I found when I got that box open. Look at all the her personalized goodies! The cards with her logo gave this package a professional feel as if they came from a cute boutique...which I guess they did!

Jessi makes these fun pieces using Scrabble tiles and tile trays. She has all sorts of themed tiles at her Etsy site. I saw a Halloween tile she made for someone and asked her to make me one, too.

Love it!
(Click on the picture to get a closer look)

I think this little bat is my favorite part.
Go check out Jessi's website and all the cool stuff in her Etsy store...before I get there first and buy it all!