Monday, April 20, 2009

And they say there's no hope for our young people...

(Photo credit: nbklx17 / Sandy)

Argh: so much to blog and so little time. I'm sure none of you out there have that problem...

My 22 year old brother just called to apologize for seeming short when I called him yesterday to ask him an important question. The facts:

1) The important question: "So I'm in Marshall Homegoods, and I'm trying to decide between the fig and cocoa spread from Croatia or the walnut preserves from Armenia. What do you think?"
2) He may have rolled his eyes or thought, "Are you kidding me..." but he didn't let on and instead gave me his opinion: fig and cocoa spread.
3) He is a senior in college (I swear he was 4 years old yesterday...where has the time gone!?!) and has an avalanche of papers and projects due. I knew this and only expected to be on the phone for about 30 seconds.

My thoughts on this situation after his call today:

1) Could you ask for a sweeter 22 year old, male or female?
2) His future wife will no doubt greatly benefit from this level of thoughtfulness.
3) I love this guy!

I assured him that he was so sweet to apologize, but that I knew he had a lot to do and I hadn't thought twice about his hopping off the phone after solving my crisis situation.

What a great kid. I have a lump in my throat right this very minute.