Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saucy's Zombie Jar Swap

I just participated in my first ever swap! Which reminds me:

Tan of Enchantments and Giggles: If you are reading this and haven't received the package I sent you, stop reading now! I don't want you to see the goodies before they arrive!

Saucy of Bloggedy Blog Blog hosted the Zombie Jar Swap, a spin on the faerie jars that are flying around many creative blogs but with a Halloween twist. As you may have guessed I was partnered with Tan of Enchantments and Giggles. Here's what I sent her!

I caught this little pumpkin fellow and bottled up some of Halloween night complete with bats, stars and a man in the moon to keep him company.

I have to praise my wonderful hubby here. He was so supportive through this whole project with advice when I needed it and encouragement to get a move on as the deadline loomed close. Also he is solely responsible for the oh-so-cute placement of my pumpkin fellow's limbs! What I came up with before this = not oh-so-cute. I was at a loss, so I took this little guy to him and hubs made a little bend here and an arm placement there and voila! My hubs is the best ev-ah.

This tag explains it all:

What I sent:
-Jar full of pumpkin fellow
-Orange bucket with black cat on a fence scene
-Bat shaped Halloween mask
-Sparkly black cat ornament
-Bag of teeny rafia pumpkins (pumpkin fellow's relatives)
-Chocolate covered orange marshmallow pumpkins (Tan loves those)
-Handmade Boo banner

I'm so proud of this banner! I made it all by myself! (And I do believe it was somewhere around 4 am when I took these pictures...I was so excited about all this stuff I couldn't make myself stop and go to bed!)
Tan and I found we share an undying love for Etsy, the online marketplace for all things handmade. I actually got the sweet bats fluttering around in the jar from the shop Duct Tape and Denim. She's got some on sale right now, not to mention bunches of other cute things.

If you check out Tan's blog you'll see she mentions that she injured her neck and back several weeks ago and just found out from her doctor that she has 6-8 more weeks of treatments. Any of you reading who pray, please pray and ask God for a speedy and complete recovery for Tan!
Thank you, Saucy, for a great swap! I enjoyed stretching my creative muscles!