Saturday, January 17, 2009

Pink Saturday: Ornament Swap

This weekend I am bringing you pink in the form of an amazing ornament.

(Photo credit: Gillian of I Heart Crafts)

This is the non-pink ornament I sent Gillian of I Heart Crafts for Pampering Beki's Ornament Swap. Gillian mentioned she liked robins, so I was very excited to find this vintage postcard to send her along with her ornament. Update: Here's a link to Gillian's post about the ornament

For this swap I sent stuff to Gillian while Peggy was assigned to send stuff to me. I knew it was going to be good when I opened the package to see my surprise wrapped with this beautiful pink ribbon and tag.

Look at this ornament! It is beautiful! Thank you so much, Peggy! (Peggy, do you have a blog??)

This ornament was perfect for my first ever pink tree...TA DA!!

Love it!

Oh, the pink stuff on this delightful tree: garland from a yardsale, starfish from Pom Pom Interiors...(a green strand of white lights, but we're going to ignore those until I can get a white strand, aren't we)


Ice cream cone!

Pink crystals!
That pink tree made me so happy! Happy Pink Saturday!