Monday, December 22, 2008

Tardy Pink Saturday or Sometimes You Wake Up and It's Monday...again

Beverly and Pink Saturday ladies, I have to apologize. For the second Saturday in a row I have eagerly signed up to add my pink two cents and not delivered. I am so sorry. I have excellent pink items waiting in the wings: a white tree covered in pink stuff complete with a handmade pink ornament (Thank you so much, Peggy!). I let all the hubbub get the best of me and just didn't get it together. I will have to trot that post out for my next Pink Saturday.

I would like to leave you with something pink in remembrance of Saturday...and pink on Monday is good, too. I saw this glittery pink reindeer in Marshall's this past weekend. It stopped me in my tracks with its fabulous-ness; my jaw's my favorite shade of pink, too! My husband saw the picture when I got home and said, "You definitely should have bought that!" He's so sweet; now I wish I had bought it! You can bet I'll be back in that store as soon as I can to see if its still there. better still be there...