Monday, January 12, 2009

MommyHolly's Snowflakes and Sparkles Swap

One of the most fun perks of blogging is the opportunity to participate in swaps. I love getting boxes full of stuff for me!! (Wow, does that sound selfish...keepin it real, as they say) Mommy Holly hosted the Snowflakes and Sparkles swap in December; thanks Holly!

Here's what my sweet partner Britta of Marky Mark's Funky Bunch sent me.

Look how cute the outside of the box is!! I am going to strive to make the outside of my boxes look fun like this one. Thanks for that added touch, Britta!

I'm so excited!!

Look at all the loot!

-Canister of cinnamon hot chocolate (um, yes, that is definitely almost gone)
-body glitter roller
-bath beads
-yummy lotion
-cashmere fragrance candle (don't know what cashmere smells like?? Me either, but this candle is heavenly!)
-glittery "Peace" word decor
-garden decor stake shaped like a present
-snowman door hanger made of jingle bells
-huge glittery snowflake ornament
-Christmas music DVD
-little Christmas hand towels (forgot to get a picture of those)

You can see a bit of the silver tinsel that was part of the packaging; love it! Thank you so much for a great box of goodies, Britta!

Here's what I sent Britta. She mentioned that her Christmas decor is mostly red and white with touches of silver; well I took that red and silver and boy, did I run with it:

-red glittery cone tree
-silver tinsel tree
-red tinsel garland (I almost kept that one...)
-silver wire garland, disco ball ornaments
-glittery silver "Merry" sign hanger
-glittery red "Merry Christmas" sign hanger
-red mercury glass-look candle stick
-peppermint candle
-"Jar o' snowflakes and sparkles"
-garland of 6 felt and fabric paint snowflakes I made (one each for Britta and Mark and their kids)
-some candy treats


This was full of confetti (red and silver stars and white snowflakes) that I thought Britta could use for craft projects.

Yes, I did realize after I made this banner that my snowflakes had 8 arms while real snowflakes only have 6...Britta, I am truly sorry that I stuck you with anatomically incorrect snowflakes :)

Gotta have some chocolate!

What a fun swap with a great partner. Thanks to Holly for hosting and to Britta for all the great goodies!