Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Very Vintage Valentine Swap

Heidi of Foxgloves, Fabric and Folly organized another in her line of Very Vintage swaps, this time of the Valentine kind. My partner was Lisa of Antiques and More.

First up, here's what Lisa sent me.

Sewing pattern used as packaging: such a neat touch!

Ooooo, what's in there??

Check it out!
-Love puppy
-2 sweet tags
-Chocolate covered raspberry sticks
-Heart doily
-Delicious earrings (Look at them! They are DE-licious)
-Button heart wreath
-3 mercury glass ornaments (swoon!)

What a cute display idea! Lisa sells lots of different styles of earrings in her booth. She made the display card! Already wore these to work and got a compliment!

What a sweet wreath!
Lisa, thank you so much for a great box of goodies!
Now for what I sent Lisa:

-Red mercury glass-look candle stick with plain candle
-Red mercury glass-look votive cup with cinnamon candle (Lisa likes cinnamon scent)
-Red vintage-look rhinestone brooch for wearing or crafting
-Rhinestone heart picture frame
-Red heart ornaments
-Little set of cherub wings
-"Love" banner (I made it!)
-Irresistible Valentine cherub card (It was...just wait, you'll see)

Here's the banner I made...I love making these things! Although I always want to keep them...

I like to include a card listing the package contents and any explanation I feel is needed. Here's the card/booklet I made for Lisa. I used two cardboard hearts that came covered with red glitter on one side (got a package of 6, different sizes, at Wal-Mart). I covered the back side of the hearts with magazine pictures of roses (Lisa's favorite flower), traced the heart shape a couple times on white paper using those as pages in the card, punched a hole through the whole booklet and tied it together with a strip of tulle. Sweet!

Can you resist this little guy?? Now you see why I had to buy this card?? I didn't want to use it because the message says something about "From all of us", but I had to include it in the package. I have one in a little frame as part of my Valentine decor.
Heidi set a $20 limit (before postage) for this swap which I really enjoyed. I didn't feel self conscious about whether or not I sent enough, and I had a GREAT time seeing what good deals I could get for my money. I can't even tell you how excited I was when I totaled up my expenses and found that everything except the card and the banner (I already had the materials for that) totaled exactly $20. Hey, its the little things and life, you know...Also, while none of this is actually vintage I had a lot of fun gathering things I thought looked vintage.
I enjoyed this swap SO much; thanks Heidi for a great swap and for pairing me with a great partner. Thank you, Lisa, for all my goodies!!


Heidi Ann said...

HI Kimberly, You two girls outdid yourselves!! I feel like a proud "mama"!! :)...Thank you so much for posting about this swap & your lovely treasures!!...I hope you know you are welcome in my swaps anytime! :)....Your friend, Heidi XO

Heidi Ann said...

Ooooh how fun!! You both sent fabulous boxes! LOVE the banner you made!! :) xoxox!

Jenny S said...

You are an awesome swapper!! I love my banner!!

i cant sew said...

your swap from me is in the mail. cant wait i am soooo excited. you got some lovely things but you alos gave some very nice things!1

Jenn said...

Hey chickie! You won my giveaway..sent you an e-mail on Friday night, but haven't heard from you. E-mail me at:

Gabby said...

I want to be artsy like you. Really, that LOVE banner is so awesome.

YOU are a creative genuis.

I will so seek out the dip recipe. And how cool that you experienced the same Heath crunch!

Did you see about that tandem skydiver in Chester?
I could not help but think of you!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

I love that sweet little cupid!

edward and lilly said...

Wow! What a great swap.

thriftymrs said...

Terrific swap. You recieved and sent some beautiful, beautiful things.

I was very interested to hear your comment on my blog. It's shocking how some women think power careers are the only way to potray a positive view of being a woman. Pah!
They sure know how to grind their own arguement to a halt.

Anonymous said...

Cute earrings!!!!!

Anonymous said...


Mimi said...

My goodness, both of you were blessed. Thanks so much for sharing with us.

Shabbywears said...

What great Swap stuff! I think I have become addicted to Swaps...

Drama queens mum said...

Very nice stuff. I did that swap too. It was so much fun.