Monday, February 9, 2009

Pink Saturday via Pink Monday

Update: As Heather pointed out in the comments I should have reminded everyone about the pink dress I got married in. Check out this post; the dress is gorgeous!
Happy Monday! The wonderful Beverly of How Sweet the Sound hosts Pink Saturday in which we post about all things pink. I signed up and let time get away, so I'm having a Pink Monday.
I'm a tad obsessed with weddings and even more so with the color pink, so I am sharing some gorgeous pink dresses I've found. Photo credits and links are all included.

(Picture by xjojox on flickr)
Love those fuchsia pink bridesmaids dresses and that gorgeous sash on the bride! Click here for another gorgeous fuchsia dress.

(Picture by geokin 2000 on flickr)
This is a fairy tale dress if I've ever seen one.

This was my favorite dress of all, though its a bit more of a prom dress. Love that color!
Can't get enough of pink. Have a very pink week!