Friday, March 13, 2009

Butt cheeks

I am not your typical person. I don't say this in an "I'm sooo amazing" way...more like a "wow...I'm so weird..." way. A way that makes hubs shake his head and wonder sometimes...and be SO glad that he'll be entertained for the rest of his life, you know it!


Conversation between hubs and I as we left Wal-Mart several weeks ago:

Hubs (holding out little tin of saddle soap): "Know what that's for?"

Me (having absolutely no idea but deciding to throw something out there) : "Um, your baseball glove."

Hubs: "Nope! My butt cheeks!"

Me (somewhat surprised hubs was divulging this information as he tends to keep subjects such as this fairly private, but not wanting him to feel like he shared more than he should have): "Awwww, babe, are they chapped?"

Hubs (pause, furrowing brow and looking at me in the "What the...?" way): "Ok...what do you think I said?"

Me: "Butt cheeks"

Hubs (feeling like he shared more than he should have): "I said BOAT SHOES!"

I doubled over in the Wal-Mart parking lot and laughed hard for quite some time. Hubs shook his head and wondered at the fact that he had all this to himself for the rest of his life.