Tuesday, December 9, 2008

TWD: Grandma's All Occasion Sugar Cookies

Update: 12/16/08

I actually did get up early last Wednesday morning 12/10 and bake up a batch of the cookies. I just fell asleep right after that and just now woke up...in time to post pictures of the results! There they are up there all sliced up. I cut that first batch too thin, so you'll notice some brown edges in the next photo. This batch was definitely a bit crispy for my taste. They weren't burnt, but definitely crisp.

Ah, but the second batch. I cut them wider and they were just delightful. They didn't smack you in the face with a "Wow! These taste amazing!" yet they were completely irresistible. I seriously ate the majority of both batches...if only my goal was to gain weight, how successful I would feel right now. Even the uncooked dough was just so YUMMY!

Ahh, yeah...show me a little bit of that right there (Viewer discretion advised).

Good stuff. Make these cookies. And then eat a bunch to make me feel better.


This week in Tuesdays With Dorie we are making Grandma's All Occasion Sugar Cookies. You can find the recipe and Ulrike who actually chose this week's recipe over at Kuchenlatein; you might have to scroll to the very bottom of the page like I did to see the picture and the link to the recipe.

So far this has been a simple and straight forward recipe.

Creamed butter: check

Sugar and eggs added: check
Some vanilla, flour, salt and baking powder finished off the dough. Dorie cautions against over working the dough, so I tried hard to stop mixing before I wanted to and get it shaped and in the fridge as quickly as possible. These could be rolled out and cut using cookie cutters or shaped into a log for slice-and-bake cookies. I chose the slice-and-bake because that sounded like the quickest and easiest way that these cookies could get done and find their way into my mouth. This was still a bit tricky as the dough was very soft and slightly sticky. I'm a trooper though and didn't give up. Let that be a lesson to you. Whichever method is chosen the dough has to chill for at least 2 hours before being baked.
I've got my plastic-wrapped cookie dough logs chilling in the fridge and in a perfect world I will get up and bake a couple dozen to take into work. We'll see if I wake up in a perfect world tomorow.

Beaters, spatula and any other dough covered surface I can find for a late night snack: CHECK!
I'll post a picture of my cookies before work. Because I'm going to wake up early enough to not only slice and bake these babies, but to finish out a witty and informative post, too. Goals, people! Always set goals!