Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pink Saturday!

I am still pretty obsessed with skydiving since I did my first tandem jump 2 weeks ago, so what better than some pink stuff for jumping out of an airplane??

I'd like to start with a moment of silence to thank that parachute over Chuck's shoulder there, the very one that brought me floating back to Earth just minutes before this picture was taken.

Here's a sweet parachute on Flickr.

Ooo, and I like this one, too.

And if I'd been wearing this pink jumpsuit I feel sure I would have been brave enough to keep my eyes open during freefall.

Happy Pink Saturday!

Zombie Swap!

Halloween has come and long gone, but I have to share the goodies that Tan of Enchantments and Giggles sent me for my very first swap.

What a haul! There's a roll of orange and black crepe paper festooning (I haven't been able to find anything like that in any of the stores near me...can't wait to use it next year!!), a bracelet, a tag, a cute card and unfolded there in the background is a little Halloween themed scrapbook that unfolds to be about 2 1/2 feet long. Its lined in several cute Halloween papers and just waiting for me to fill it up with little bobs and bits and my scariest pictures.

Tan made this toggle bracelet; how cute! The charm with the menacing eyes has a set of scared eyes on the other side. The large dark green bead on the upper left has a little black glass spider on it. Have you ever seen a more loveable Frankenstein?? Love that Jack O'Lantern!

Check out this tag! It is SO cute!
Tan has been recovering from an injury for several weeks and has had to stop crafting until her doctor gives her the OK. She was so sweet to send me these goodies.
Thank you so much for these wonderful gifts, Tan! Get well very soon!!