Friday, February 13, 2009

Circus Treats

This cup freak anybody else out?

This is just one of the wonders we saw at the circus this past weekend. I could not in good conscience buy that for a small child...I am just juvenile enough to laugh nervously every time I look at it and say, "You're eating out of a pony's head" and no child should have to go through that.

We took hub's little sisters and his mom to the circus for Muffin's 5th birthday (no, no one named the child Muffin; I just can't put her real name on here). Meanies that we are we didn't buy them any pony brain snowcones or whirling light up sticks or clown hats or anything. I grew up lamenting the fact that my meanie parents NEVER bought me anything at the zoo/circus/ball park, and now I see why!! A bag of cotton candy with a cheap wizard hat was $12!! Insane!! Good job, Mom and Dad! I'm glad you stuck to your guns! I had too much stuff to play with anyway. (Note: Here I use the word "never"..."never" is a strong word and I'm sure they got me something at some point at a place like that, it just wasn't the norm.)

Asia the elephant gave a painting demonstration before the show and you could enter a drawing to win that painting. Who won the painting you ask?? Have I ever told you that hubs leads a charmed life?

How cool is that!! We have a piece of art painted by an elephant! Hubs keeps saying, "Really? Are you sure?" whenever I tell him I'm excited we got it. Art by an elephant! That's cool!


i cant sew said...

he he he, ewwww eating out of a pony's head doesnt sound appetizing at all, how strange. lucky mister for winning that art, now how to display it?! have a great weekend
%*_*% rosey

Michelle said...

Hey it's Michelle from Flickr. Thanks for checking out my blog! Your dogs sound really cute, I would love to own a lab someday, but I need a backyard first. :)

Nice cooking! I am a sweet addict too. I'll be diabetic by 30. :)

Donnamo said...

Gabby's daughter would like to eat from a pony head (I think unless she sonsidered it cruelty to animals>)

At least your parents took you to the circus, Cheapo Donnamo never took her kids.... I am sure that had some effect on them...of course one of them might have stood with the PETA people protesting the treatment of circus animals, oh yes, I am sure THAT is why we never took them, we didn't want them to see all that animal cruelty! :)

Susan said...

Happy Pink Saturday and Happy Valentine's Day Kimberly!


Heather Evans said...