Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Stick Figure Family

Haaaaa! I just found a link on Tracey's blog to this website where you can order those family stickers for your car. I couldn't resist mocking up this sticker for us. This sticker would cost me $47.25...I gotta lose a couple random animals or something.
Please note! Hubs wears a helmet when riding his motorcycle...the site only offered a head with a football helmet or a hockey helmet...and then you would have laughed and mocked him for wearing the wrong kind of helmet. Don't say you wouldn't.


Gabby said...

That, is just plain cute, especially with the turtles!

i cant sew said...

we have this in australia and the children have them on theri school books, really cute.
%^_^% rosey

Donnamo said...

How cute is that? (Not $47 worth but very cute!)

Gabby said...

That was such a sweet surprise, and Man, you are one busy woman! Kudos to getting all that together so flawlessly, I know he loved turning 30 that way!

Heather Evans said...

maybe you will lose smokey soon!!! not lose like he gets lost, because that would be very sad. lose as in gets adopted by an awesome family!

jen said...

Very cute!