Saturday, April 25, 2009

Pink Saturday: First rose

Happy Pink Saturday! Doesn't Beverly do a wonderful job hosting this event? Thank you, Beverly!

Hubs brought in the first rose of the year off of one of our rose bushes yesterday.

And how to describe the scent...light and sweetly citrus like fresh lemonade. How blessed we are that the right plant + sun + soil + water results in such beauty.

Have a wonderful Pink day!


Gabriela said...

Happy Pink Saturday!


~ Gabriela ~

buff said...

it is a nice way to start the day with pink roses--have a happy pink day!!!

Dru said...

Beautiful Pink Roses! Happy Pink Saturday

Mimi said...

Happy Pink Saturday. Your blog is just such a delight to visit each week. Of course, all of the pink goodies always warm my ♥. This week everyone seems to be out-doing themselves!

Wishing you, and all those close to your ♥, a purr-fect weekend filled with joy, peace and gracious living.

suesueb said...

perfection!! happy pink week!! your goat story is sooo funny!

Llyn M said...

¸.*´¸.**´¨) ¸.**´¨)
(¸.*´ (¸.*´* HAPPY PINK SATURDAY *

Liz said...

You can't take a bad picture of a Rose! Love your banner below too!

Happy Pink Saturday!

Pony Girl said...

Pink roses are my favorite! I don't have a rose garden, I usually have to buy them. I love putting them in old blue mason jars. They really brighten up my apartment for spring. I have had so much fun participating in Pink Saturday for the first time. It's a nice change from my little cowgirl world! ;)

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

Lovely! It will be a while before my roses are out in bloom. Happy Pink Saturday!


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree with you more. Beautiful rose and sounds like you have a very thoughtful hubby.

Happy Pink Saturday.


RobinfromCA said...

Gorgeous! Do you know what the name of this rose is?

Happy Pink Saturday!
Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

Susie Jefferson said...

That rose is absolutely glorious - what wonderful photographs.

Happy Pink Saturday!

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Happy Pink Saturday! Have a great pinky rose weekend!

someplace in thyme said...

Beautiful roses, I can smell them from here, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Claudia said...

Now that's a beautiful rose! Happy Pink Saturday!

Kimberly said...


My husband said he thinks the rose is called Perfume Delight. It is from Weeks Roses (; if you contact them they could probably tell you where you could find it for sell. It really does smell absolutely delicious without being heavy or too sweetly overpowering.

Happy Pink Saturday, all!

HiHo said...

running behind on visiting pinks, but enjoyed your post about your call to your brother while at homegoods. i don't know what i would do with out a cell while shopping, I would never be able to make up my mind without calling a friend. Ha!

Gabby said...

That was so pretty. And you grew it yourselves. Awesome.
It's like you have some kind of talent or something.

I am so glad you don't have a backyard goat who would eat those pretty things up. Your Momma would be proud!

Heather said...

weeks roses, eh?

RobinfromCA said...

Thanks for stopping by and for the name of the rose! Love the story about the goats as well!

Please check out my blog where I've left an award for you!
Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

Amy Sutter said...

So beautiful and perfect!

Just wanted to inform you that we are having another drawing at Aged Vintage Papier! Some fabulous stamps :-) All can enter as many times as they wish! Spread the word!

Have a Fab weekend,

jen said...

Do you seriously have roses that look like that!?!? What am I doing wrong!! Lovely!!

Have a great weekend!


Susan @ A Southern Daydreamer said...

Running late this week visiting blogs....Hope you had a Happy Pink Saturday ~ Susan