Thursday, May 21, 2009

Animal Abuse

Why is this dog wearing a chain and padlock around its neck?

This dog was playing with another dog in the parking lot at work as hubs and I left for lunch today. It was not a very big dog, maybe 30 pounds or so, and the chain was big. It looked to be a Pit Bull mix and the other one, who seemed to be wearing an actual collar, looked like a Beagle mix with a smidge of Basset Hound. Both dogs came right up to us when we whistled and were only too happy for us to love on them for a couple minutes.

Of course my mind jumps to dogfighting and assumes that this chain is evidence that this dog is being trained to make its owner money, because that is something that I have learned recently does happen in our area. I just don't understand how someone could treat an animal with so little respect. Gabby of Sweetest Pea recently talked about her soft spot for animals, and I could identify. It really hurts to think of animals who suffer at the hands of those they should trust to care for them. This type of activity happens when the rest of us do nothing; please check out the Humane Society's website to find out if there is anything you can do to help prevent animal abuse in your area.

Maybe this dog's owner simply thought it would be cool to replace this sweet pup's collar and tag with a chain and padlock. Again I ask, why?


i cant sew said...

wouldnt you like to do that to the owner and see how long he could stand wearing that heavy chain??? poor little fella.

Donnamo said...

Oh that makes me so mad....don't you just want to put a chain on the owner's next for about a thousand years....very Christlike I know :(

Gabby said...

I am continously amazed at how cruely some of us treat the animals entrusted to our care by God.
shame on them, whatever the reason, it is mean!