Monday, September 28, 2009

God is good: Or "Seeing his hand in the crazy times"

(Picture by caity sparkles via Flickr)

So you see that last post, there? Where I talk about what a great weekend we had with some precious little girls? Yeah, that one. I wrote it last Monday and had it set to auto-post Tuesday morning. Ummm...

Those little girls may be coming to live with us for the next few months.

Their mommy broke her leg Monday evening. She is also Hub's mom and single mom to these two girls she has adopted from within the family.

When she got to the hospital she found out she was diabetic.

Surgery to put a plate and pins in the leg on Tuesday evening went very well. But they didn't like how fast her heart was beating. So Thursday they sent her to the bigger hospital nearby for a heart catheterization.

Friday during the heart cath they found blockage in the heart and immediately sent her in for emergency triple bypass surgery.

Her birthday was Saturday (see festive picture above).

She is doing very well. She got to talk to her girls by phone yesterday for the first time since that eventful Monday night.

When a leg is broken the patient walks using crutches or a walker, putting much of the weight on the arms and none of the weight on the broken leg for 8 weeks.

When a patient has their chest opened up for surgery they cannot put more than 5 pounds of weight on their arms for 6 weeks.

Her unbroken left leg needs to seize the day and really come through for her. I'm believing in YOU, left leg!!

Thankfully my God is a very big God, way bigger than the problem of figuring out rehab with only one weight-bearing limb.

My God takes the very bad situation of a broken leg and uses it to help doctors find diabetes and heart disease lying in wait, undetected, ready to do their worst when least expected.

My God prepared hubs and I for the possibility of taking care of two of the cutest little girls you'll ever see. I was driven to find out ways to make their weekend stay the best it could be. Now I know who was the Driver.

My mother-in-law, Hubs and I have been surrounded by love and support from our friends and family. So many people have been to the hospital to see her or wait with us during surgery. More people than we can count are praying for her. She'll need every prayer she can get.

She'll need a lot of fight in her to get through the coming weeks. But she can do it. Her God is bigger than everything she's about to face.

Romans 8:28 says, "And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." I see God working the crazy things that have happened these last few days to Mom-in-law's good because she has given her life to him, put her trust in him, and she loves him.

So the girls might be staying with us until their mom can take care of them again by herself.
By the way, yesterday I discovered snot wiped on the wall of my pink guest bedroom right next to the futon bed where the girls slept...the futon that has a full box of tissues on the arm next to where their heads were. Bless their hearts; I will be discussing with them how that will never happen ever again.


Jenn M. said...

Kimberly~ I will be praying for your MIL, as well as for you and Walt!! I know yours will be a wonderful home for those two little girls! Here's to sanity during the next few weeks...

i cant sew said...

after i finish laughing my ass off at the last paragraph....that post was so well written!! you have a real gift for writing and you are so RIGHT. God is great... what God brings you to, God will take you through.
cant wait to hear of the antics that await you and your lovely husband.

Raising Addie said...

We came across your blog and wanted to say Hi!

Beautifully written post. We believe that everything happens for a reason and you post is the clearest sign that we have found in a while.

We have 3 furbabies as well.

2 Border Collie/Great Pyrenees mixes and a mini Dachshund. LOVED your post about your Doxie waiting to eat.

We will keep you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.

Donnamo said...

Lord, I ask you to give your healing Mercies to Walt's Mom and give Kimberly and Walt all they need EACH DAY to take care of and love the girls. Amen

Gabby said...

Snot happens.

When kids are around, it happens a lot. Hubs says our kids have used more toilet paper and tissues in their short years on earth than he has his ENTIRE LIFE! Band-aids are a close second.

Will be praying for you as you do the parent thing. For Walt's Mom to HEAL as quickly as possible.

You have a great heart attitude. I just know God is pleased. Keep it up.
Boogie on!