Friday, March 20, 2009

Perfect today

Today is my perfect kind of day. Happy sun, blue sky, no clouds. There's the slightest hint of a nip in the air, and its a little chilly in the shade, but in the sun my black tee can soak up the rays until I'm pleasantly warm. The breeze gives me a little shiver, but a good one.

It's like this...

(Photo credit: Sascha Corti)
or this. I don't know her but she's enjoying my perfect day.

(Photo credit: lesamonster)

This is the kind of day that makes me glad to be alive, proud to be American (I can't explain this one...I've experienced gorgeous weather in other countries, too), humbled to be a child of God and thankful that I let myself delight in something as simple as the weather (we don't need to talk about how much of an impact bad weather has one me...this is a happy post). I want to be close to nature on a day like today. And, ask hubs, I am NOT a nature girl. He likes to ask me how long its been since I've set foot in the back yard. I try to explain that there is nothing for me in the back yard, and what's the point of his question anyway. Then I pull a dirty trick like asking him when was the last time he ran the dishwasher :D (Its a dirty trick, because hubs often rescues me from the piles of handwash items that I let languish for embarrassingly long periods of time...I tell him I've been busy in the back yard)

Today I would like to run away with hubs and lay in a hammock in the sun. Or lay in a pile of squishy pillows on a window seat in the sun. Or ride a horse in the sun. Or any outdoor activity that results in perspiration on a normal summer day, I would like to do that today in the sun. has crunched the numbers of my perfect day and here's what it looks like:

-61 degrees F
-UV Index: 7 High (ok, I have to be careful with this one. I'm white as a sheet, and I'm on acne medicine (27 and on acne meds, yay!) that makes me sensitive to the sun...puts a damper on all my "in the sun" activities, huh)
-Wind: From NE at 10 mph
-Humidity: 20%
-Pressure: 30.26 inches (what the heck does that mean?)
-Visibility: 10.0 miles

God is so good to give me a day like this.


i cant sew said...

love those days!!! we are coming into autumn here (well technically it is autumn but i live in a hot part of australia so it takes a bit longer to arrive) and i am relishing these cooler crisper mornings... the days are still warm, hot even.
cuddle up on a picnic blanket with hubs in the back yard and soak it all in.
%*_*% rosey

sandinmyrainbows said...

I'm one of those weird people who has the weather stats on my home page! I acually read them everyday! I had a perfect day the other day too but you made yours sound so much nicer. I've been enjoying your blog.

Gabby said...

I was just planning a hike at a local park with my kids. It is about 45 miles away to this little "mountain", but when I took Libby out this morning, I just knew we had to venture out of our yard and into the gift God gave us of a sunny day.
He answered a huge prayer request for me this week, and it is amazing how that makes you want to just soak up His creation on a day like this! He is so GOOD!
I love it! Sunshine definately impacts my attitude,and I am with you on the sunscreen, girlfriend. one word: Freckles!

Kasey said...

I am so not a nature girl either, just wait till i post about my backyard, it's huge and all gardeny, but just pop me in a chair with a mag and drink and that's the kind of outside girl i am.

Heather said...

i think my perfect day is 10 degrees warmer than yours.

i think you are the cutest person ever too.

Jenny S said...

haha!! 33 and on acne meds too!! Don't feel bad! My insurance almost did not cover the meds since they said I was too old for acne and too young to worry about wrinkles (another benifit of my meds) Stupid huh??

Blue Castle said...

I love these kinds of days. My yard is muddy and the sky is overcast. I could use a sunny day, right now. :)

Michelle said...

Have a great Pink Saturday!

someplace in thyme said...

I don't know if this is where to post for Pink Saturday, but I wanted to let you know that your pictures are gorgeous. They remind me of wash on the line with a gentle breeze, just heaven, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Loretta said...

Happy pink Saturday!