Thursday, June 25, 2009

In the Good Ole Summertime...

Ah, summer.

Time for a little bit of this...

from our local strawberry patch sliced, sugared and eaten with Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream (the only vanilla I've ever wanted to eat plain).
Perfect time for this...

Squash that hubs grew (yay, hubs!) and grilled with olive oil, salt and pepper; and fennel rice salad I made (the leftovers were great; I didn't have scallions so I left them out). What a lovely summer meal.

The other night we realized it was time for this, too...
Green tomatoes and squash from our garden fried up just right by the Mr. YUM!! Hubs, have I told you lately you're the best hubs ever?

This plate is ALL hub's doing: squash and green tomatoes he grew and then turned into fried green tomatoes (with some jarred marinara sauce), fried squash, grilled squash and squash casserole.
Is this man good or what??!
Summer + Hubs makes for a very lovely time indeed.


Donnamo said...

Phew, I was almost ready to post that picture of your parents in the altogether when you saved their skin with this post.

Man, when can I come over for dinner. Hubs or you can cook. It looks like a tie in the cooking department. Fried squash and squash casserole; are you SURE you weren't in dinner's heaven?? AND friend green tomatoes...yumedy, yum, yum! I had them recently in Charleston with a ab of homemade pimenton cheese on top....not bad I must say.

I don't knw where Hubs got his cooking genes but yours came from Margaret Bobo Fober :)

Kimberly said...

Another narrow miss on the nudity front...this is nerve-wracking! If I can inherit mom's cooking genes I am one lucky daughter :)

Homemade pimento cheese-yummmmmmmm

Stacey said...

That food looks absolutely scrumptious! I'm hungry just looking at it:)
Thanks for visiting my blog - I'll have to take a view moments to browse your archives:)

Beach Girl said...

What beautiful photos! This post made me hungry for some fried green tomatoes.

Gabby said...

You and Donnamo love to brag about your cooking husbands. I am so jealous.

While my man met all ten of the Top Ten things I wanted in a husband, I forgot to think about cooking! Man!

He is awesome at grilling, fixing things, painting, yardwork, and a great Dad, so I guess I will settle and eat the grub I slap on the table each night (which does not look as good as yours, BTW).

Charlene said...

Yummmmo it all looks good. I found you over at Kids Napping & loved your tag for the Red White & Blue Tag Swap. All of them were cute.

Those strawberries look so good. We just got back from California & ate so many wonderful berries! Just love berries of all kinds. Have a great week.