Thursday, July 9, 2009

Summer time, Beach time!

Between the craziness and the laziness my blog is suffering from major neglect. I still love you, blog! I still love writing and reading!

Here's a little update: We went to the beach! Last week was a furlough week for us and what better to do during a week when one is not being paid than to go somewhere and spend money!?! Not much is better, that's what! We tend to go to places where there are lots of things to see and do (Savannah, Seattle, Chicago, Asheville, etc), but this year we decided we wanted to go somewhere warm where we could sit around and not be pressured to see/do/eat everything. We settled on Myrtle Beach after we went to Priceline, bid on and won four nights at the Sheraton Convention Center hotel 2 1/2 blocks from the beach for $55 a night!!! Can you believe that deal!!!

We swam and sat under a big beach umbrella and watched people and watched the Wednesday night fireworks at the 2nd St. pier and ate and hit TJ Maxx and Ross on the way in and went to MagiQuest (I read about this online and, being a Harry Potter fan, SO wanted to go...hubs humored me, bless him...we were definitely the only people over the age of 12 without kids in tow)...

The 2-story castle at MagiQuest
(Photo: lickyoats)
...and went clubbing one night (we discovered techno music makes for super fun dancing; for real!) and cruised Ocean Boulevard looking at all the hotels and houses and got "HOT NOW" Krispy Kreme doughnuts and went shag dancing at Fat Harold' was such fun, and we can't wait to go back. I have lived in South Carolina my entire life and have never been to Myrtle Beach that I know of (except a 2 night stay 9 years ago at Garden City Beach just down the road). I'm glad I've remedied that problem.

I really enjoyed driving along Ocean Boulevard looking at the larger fancy houses and smaller fancy houses and cute beach cottages on the north end and hotel after hotel afterhotelafterhotelafterhotel (really, its crazy) on the south end, many of which have that kitschy-retro vibe and have been around for years. My favorite was the...

Cutest sign!

This trip only increased my love for the beach. I just know that someday I will have my own dreamy little cottage by the sea, and until then I will fill my house with shells and sand and these beauties that I can make with my own two hands...

(Photo: Heather Bullard)

Cindy has a tutorial for making a shell wreath like hers.

(Photo and wreath: Cindy at My Romantic Home)

In other news I'm very excited to be going to Vegas(!!) for my friend's wedding this weekend. Yay for weddings! I've never been to Vegas, and this will be a very short trip, so I will definitely have to go again and take hubs with me.
Here's hoping you are having a lovely summer time!


Gabby said...

I love your post, and I am considering a priceline bid, does it work out okay? No kinks?

Vegas, man, that is wild! Have a great time!
We love KK hot and now, and I love the little wreath thingy.

Maybe we could go in and share a cottage?
My son would love MagicQuest. Big time!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Kimberly! I'm a friend of Gabby's.

I enjoyed reading about your trip to the beach. I especially liked the photo of the sign for the Sea Dip motel----I like the shabby, retro places the best.

If I ever get a cottage by the sea, it is so going to small and shabby instead of a pristine monster that blocks everyone else's view and has no character!

I like to think about what I would name my cottage. Wishful thinking, that is. It's all a happy dream.

Anyway, thanks for taking us along for a virtual vacation. Looking forward to reading about Vegas.

i cant sew said...

sounds like you had a great time spending MONEY :)
i have used one of those gorgeous crocheted flowers you sent me on

Gabby said...

Did you survive Vegas? Do tell! And none of that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas junk! Dish!

Donnamo said...

I will have to take my grandson who is so into Harry Potter to MagicQuest.

WHo knew SC had such great places!

Gabby said...


Enquiring minds want to know.